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Our independent life insurance brokerage has removed the confusion of getting proper protection and promises the most competitive & sensible plans in the industry.

You deserve "Confident Peace of Mind."

Why Rise Up Financial?

Simply put - Our agenda is your agenda!

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Competence and Capability

We've served & secured nearly 1,000 families, with every imaginable health condition - including past cancer, diabetes, COPD and much more!

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Sensible & Competitive Rates

Enjoy the convenience of getting your rates shopped at over 30 A-Rated carriers while maintaining our loyalty to your best interests.

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Unmatched Services

You'll be working with REAL people who also have families they love & want to protect. We're confident that you won't find a team as genuine & dedicated to a pleasant experience, as ours.


What Are My Options?

No matter what your concerns are, we have practical & sensible solutions, guaranteed to give you "Confident Peace of Mind."


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Mortgage Protection

Home ownership is an amazing feeling, isn't it?

As you already know, your home provides comfort, security and ownership for yourself and your loved ones!

But, what would happen to every-thing and everyone under that roof if you didn't walk through the front door yesterday?

Wouldn't it be amazing if a check was delivered to keep the bank off your family's back, so the home stays in the family, and the family stays in the home?

With the phenomenal plans we have access to, if you die or have a major illness diagnosis before your last mortgage payment is made, then your coverage plan will pay out a lump-sum, tax-free check to make sure that the balance gets paid or to keep the monthly payments going.

What a relief, right?!

Living Benefits

Picture this - if you got too sick to go to work, how long would it be before you ran out of money?

Even if you have health insurance, it'll never put money in YOUR pocket, will it?

Living Benefits allows you to access a portion of the death benefit of your plan, while you're alive, should you receive a major health diagnosis.

You can use this money to cover any of life's necessities:

- Mortgage Payments

- Medical Bills & expenses

- Food, gas and anything else you may need to continue living, as you were before you were diagnosed.

Final Expense

Final Expense Insurance was designed with seniors in mind. With our average life expectancy of 78, chances are, you'll outlive your assets.

Final Expense Insurance is a permanent insurance policy that covers funeral expenses when you pass. It's popular with retirees due to the acceptance of many health diagnosis such as diabetes, high blood pressure, blood thinner usage (typically maintenance), and sleep apnea among others.


Life Insurance

Life insurance provides security for your loved ones after your death. If you have a spouse, children or others who depend on you financially how would they be able to maintain their current standard of living without you? If you are looking for a way to protect your loved ones from the burden of paying your funeral expenses or replacing your income then this is the perfect plan for you. Life insurance is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make, so we'll be there every step of the way for you to be confident in your decision.

Our Mission

We make a difference

Although the concept of life insurance is easy to understand, with so many options and different products out there it can seem confusing.


However, there's no convincing us that a logical and reasonable person should not have life insurance...


So, our mission is simple:

To provide the necessary perspective and guidance that people need in order to commit to leaving financial security behind when they die, rather than devastation.


We're committed to bringing life insurance out of the dinosaur ages and into the 21st century, by offering a convenient, up to date process with no pressure, no confusion and straightforward conversations. We've learned to adapt to the hectic lifestyles that humans face and assure you that this process will be a pleasant experience, packed with incredible value.


We empower people to make informed decisions by providing detailed, concise information about the most important product they'll ever own.

If you're motivated to protect your loved ones from possible financial devastation when your birth certificate expires then click the button below to chat and see what you qualify for!

Our in-house "Ground Rules"

Uncompromising Integrity

(we won't give you reason to doubt us)


Authentic and honest

(even when the truth hurts)


Sincere genuineness at all times

(you get the real version of us from the start)



(we do what we say we are going to do)



(our agenda is your agenda and we don't pretend to know it all)



(everything worth doing is worth overdoing)



(combining skills, knowledge and abilities to effectively solve problems with sensible solutions)