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Protect Your Home & Family's Future When Unexpected Tragedy Happens
Peace of Mind with a Plan That Ensures They're Financially Taken Care of, Always.

You're entitled to low cost protection plans that cover your home loan & income in case you die prematurely.

Without this plan, your family would still have to make your monthly mortgage payments on their own.
✶ Find out what you're eligible for to protect your home & livelihood ✶

Your customized plan can include a choice of life and/or disability income benefits:

Death Benefit
Pays off your home loan in the event of your death from any cause - Lump-Sum and Tax-Free

Living Benefits
Your policy may also provide an early payout for a terminal illness, critical illness or chronic illness diagnosis. (Insurance that you don't have to die to use!!)

Covers your premiums in case of job loss

Money back options
Returns all (or a portion) of your premiums if the benefits are not needed

⚬ "Confident Peace of Mind"


As provider & protector, you know that your family's financial security is important.

It’s a scenario no one likes to think about, yet it’s essential to prepare for. If the unthinkable happens, the absence of your income could leave your loved ones facing not just emotional loss, but financial turmoil. From mortgages and daily expenses to future education costs and unexpected funeral bills - these obligations don’t go away, even in grief.

Your family's financial stability shouldn't be a question mark in life's toughest moments.

The Benefits of Mortgage Protection

Income Replacement

Ensure your family maintains their standard of living by replacing lost income in the event of an untimely passing or major illness.

Debt & Mortgage Protection

A lump-sum check secures your family's home by covering the outstanding mortgage, keeping the bank at bay and your loved ones sheltered.

Coverage for Funeral Expenses

Confident Peace of Mind is having funeral expenses, taken care of and allowing your family to grieve without added financial stress.

College Fund Security

Beyond just protecting your home you can safeguard your children's future education by ensuring funds are available for their college tuition.

Life is unpredictable, but your family’s financial security doesn’t have to be.

We're here to help you provide that security, but our complimentary consultations are limited.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – ensure your family is
protected, no matter what life throws your way.


it works:



Start with an in-depth consultation to explore what mortgage protection is & what it takes to qualify.


Plan & Solution

Based on your health and budget, the plan WILL accomplish your goal.



A 20 minute process to request coverage from the carrier. It's electronic, compliant & secure.



Receive continuous advice & support as your financial situation & needs change.

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